Subsurface Salvation – FPS




Subsurface Salvation, our current project at TGA, the First Person Shooter, 8½ weeks.

My contribution:

  • Refine our PBR GGX shading and add Oren-Nayer diffuse term.
  • Quickly develop a flexible cheap easy to use single-texture-per-material system shader, using roughly the same specs as Quixel input data, that could feed into the deferred PBR.
  • Figure out texture packing, so a prop only needs 3 textures for 6 materials and decals/emissive.
  • Once and for all fix tangent/binormal inconsistencies that had haunted us in previous projects, by obsoleting them for screen space cotangent derivatives.
  • Quickly make some 30 materials to give our artists a head start on the relatively prop heavy prospect of a FPS game.
  • Some 30 simple tiling set-dressing props.
  • Assist Art.
  • Tweak and fix broken assets.