Star Ruler 2




Star Ruler 2, RTS/4X hybrid, by 3 man strong Blind-Mind Studios and me on the sideline for a little over 2 years, with one other on/off assisting about half a year. Released on steam the 27th of March 2015, still working on it at least a few more months for patching in minor stuff that didn’t make the release.

My contribution was:

  • Lots of research in how to raise the graphical bar far above it’s predecessor.
  • Virtually all aspects of all 3D assets, including design – some 15+ space stations and 4+ shipsets composed of 10+ ships, planets, asteroids, stars, lots of little things.
  • Lots of particle effects, both sprite work and emitter setup.
  • Some shader work, GGX.


Special requirements:

Must be able to run gigantic galaxies and tens of thousands of ships on relatively low end systems with up to 28 players in multiplayer, so everything went hand in hand with optimization.